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fritz-spritz  organic apple spritzer

fritz-kola ® fritz-spritz organic apple spritzer

360,00 kr (24 st)
Flaska 330ml
Leveranstid 3-7 dagar

naturally cloudy refreshment made from 66 % pure apple juice – a natural, fresh flavour with no additives.

  • fantastic taste
  • juice not from concentrate
  • high fruit content
  • vegan
  • glutenfree

ingredients: organic apple juice (66%), carbonated natural mineral water. this sparkling drink is made from not-from-concentrate organic apple juice, flavour may vary depending on the harvest. shake gently to mix natural sediment.

nutritional information and energy values per 100ml: energy 121kJ (28kcal) / carbohydrates 7.1g; of which sugars 6.6g may contain small amounts of fat, saturated fats, protein and salt



fritz-kola ®

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