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Roomies Wit Bock

Hop Notch Roomies Wit Bock

360,00 kr (24 st)
7.3% Burk 330ml
3 kvar - Omgående leverans

Wit Bock is not one of the most common beer styles, but Melissa likes wheat and Jessica likes Seville orange peels and coriander so what to brew for this collaboration was an easy pick and it came out delicious ioho.

The first time Jessica Heidrich and UK beer writer Melissa Cole met, in the loosest sense of the term, were as room mates 4am in a hotel room in Denver, one was asleep, the other was 36 hours late... and the rest, as they say, is history.

The friendship endured past the  judging table, with loads of laughs, and occasional beers along the way. Now the stars finally aligned for this long overdue collaboration.




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Hop Notch

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