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Guillaume and Bruno came across each other early in 2014Champagne Bonvalet bears their signatures; it is an inspired brand, fusing their exceptional knowledge and well thought-out approach.

Setting themselves high standards, they produce wines with a strong identity yet a touch of audacity and a soft originality.

They are driven by their desire to return champagne to its origins as a wine first and foremost. Their authentic wines will linger in the memory for the pleasure of their taste and the sensual experience shared by all wine lovers without needing to be experts.

Bonvalet Brut Supréme
1 434,00 kr (6 st)
12.5% Flaska 750ml
Bonvalet Blanc Supréme
1 554,00 kr (6 st)
12.5% Flaska 750ml
Bonvalet Rosé Supréme
1 674,00 kr (6 st)
12.5% Flaska 750ml