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The Pepper Quest Vild Sumak

1 kg

Sumac has a distinct tart, fruity flavor that is unique and very fun to cook with. It compares with lemon, lime and tamarind and can be used in any dish that calls for a touch of acid. Our Sumac is collected wild from the hills of Manipur. It is quite different from the common sumac found from the Middle East. It is in fact another species. We absolutely love this Sumac. It is an incredible spice with loads of flavor. Very bright acidic character packed with notes of sun dried strawberries and cranberry. Use it it yoghurt sauces and marinades, in sallad dressing, kebabs, meatballs and rubs. Also great in desserts or lemonades. Harvest: Jan 2022 Tusom, Indien 2022


The Pepper Quest
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